How much compensation will I receive? -
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FAQ – Claims process

How much compensation will I receive?

You may be eligible for a compensation, or reimbursement, or in many cases, both. Three bands of compensations are specified in the regulation as €250, €400 or €600 per person. The eligibility and band of compensation airlines are obliged to provide in a specific case depends on both the total flight distance, and the type of the disruption. In case of delays, it also depends on the length of the delay. In some cases, reimbursement of additional expenses induced by the disruption also needs to be provided, if the receipts of the extra expenses have been kept. In the case of baggage claims the compensation/reimbursement scheme is different, and normally a maximum of about €1300 can be claimed per flight. You can find more information about this topic on our flight rights and baggage rights pages.